Scent List

A Thousand Wishes: (BBW TYPE) Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond crème.


Almond: If you like almond, you'll love this warm, classic nutty almond.


Apple: The exhilarating tartness of crisp apples picked right from  the tree.

Apple Berry: Fruity green apple, sweet vanilla and cotton candy, with floral notes of jasmine & rose. Kinda smells like a pink Starburst.

Avobath: (lush type) Lemongrass and clove are blended with lavender in this botanical inspired blend. Rich woods lead to the base layers of musk for lingering softness.

Baby Powder: As clean and as fresh as it gets, like the proverbial freshly powdered baby's behind.

Bahama Fizz: Fresh sparkling citrus highlights this tropical blend of pineapple, papaya and mango as island inspired tones of sweet coconut add a blissful sensation to the blend. Sugared vanilla and clear musk completes the exotic sensation.

Banana: A wonderful strong single note of fresh ripened banana.

Banana Split: Creamy vanilla ice cream is blended with fruity banana notes and topped with cherry accents in this gourmand favorite.

Bedtime Bath: A wonderful babyish (best way to describe it) fragrance enriched with lavender, chamomile and other natural herbs - known for their relaxing and soothing properties. 

Berry Cobbler: Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering berries.

Berrylicious Yankee Type: Hints of citrus over a bed of wild berries, green leaves and apple slices on a dry down of vanilla and musk.

Birthday Cake: A luscious vanilla cake accord is sweetened with maple sugar for a perfect birthday cake sensation. 

Bite Me: Dracula would fall in love with this fragrance. Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights

as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. 

Black Cherry Bomb: An intense aromatic scent of fresh ripe black cherries! Super Strong!

Black Licorice: A strong black licorice scent.


Black Raspberry Vanilla: A luscious blend of raspberries, strawberries, coconut, lemon, peach and vanilla.

Blackberry: A well-rounded blend of ripe and tart blackberries with base notes of vanilla and fresh greenery.

Blonde Moment: An incredible iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and cranberry.

Blue Hawaiian: Blue Hawaiian fragrance oils has high content of essential oils allows this fragrance to have the crisp, juicy top notes we were looking for!  Blue Hawaiian begins with mouth-watering top notes of juicy orange, lemon, and maraschino cherries; followed by tangy pineapple, acai berry, and sea spray; well rounded with base notes of sweet coconut, vanilla rum, and fresh ozonic notes.  It has quickly become a favorite fragrance.


Blue Kiwi: A fruity tropical scent that smells like real kiwis.

Blueberry: A blast of rich, sweet, ripe blueberries. Allows you to be creative mixing your own fragrance blends.

Blueberry Muffin: Freshly baked blueberry muffin. Top notes of juicy tart blueberries with orange zests, middle notes of butter cake, and base notes of vanilla and almond.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch: (BBW TYPE) Blueberries fresh from the farm are the perfect match for ripe pumpkins in this delicious autumn blend.

Blue Raspberry Slushie: Remember the blue raspberry snow-cones you enjoyed as a child? This fragrance captures the aroma of ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice.  This trip back to childhood truly smells good enough to eat...but better not. 

Bombshell: (Victoria Secret Type) Fresh citrus adds sparkle to blooming bouquet of white flowers. Red berry, leafy green tones and cashmere woods lead to the base of creamed musk and golden amber.

Bow Tie & Bourbon: A clean and fresh masculine scent with citrus and woody top notes boosted by floral nuance middle notes and long lasting earthy, musky bottom notes.

Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane: Sweet citron peel, caramel crème, kona coffee, mocha latte & brazilian sugar cane.

Bubble Gum: An aroma of a sweet, juicy childhood bubblegum.

Butt Naked: Granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice.

Buttercream: Smells just like sweet vanilla buttercream frosting. Yum!

Butter Rum: Definite sweet rum, with a rich creamy layer.

Candy Corn: This is a warm vanilla candy with top notes of butter with a slight down of almond.

Caramel Apples: A hint of crisp green autumn apple is surrounded with warm buttery tones to engage the senses with this fall treat. Cinnamon spiced caramel and maple sugar blend with rich vanilla for a luscious effect. Hints of musk complete the sweet sensation. 

Caribbean Escape: An island breeze of fresh pineapple, casaba melon and creamy coconut.

Cheesecake: Perfect aroma of cheesecake.

Cherry: A rich cherry scent. 

Cherry Slushie: This is a super strong, sweet frozen drink we used to get at our local dairy bar. This is a sweet and tangy cherry that everyone will love!

Chocolate Cake: Dark chocolate cake layered with thick chocolate frosting.

Cider Lane: A welcoming aroma of hot cider spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Cinnamon Candy: An aroma just like the little cinnamon candies! 

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut: Sugar sprinkles add a twinkle of sweetness to this warm confection. A fresh doughnut bakery accord is blended with warm cinnamon and enriched with maple for yummy goodness. Vanilla musk adds another layer of sweetness to create longing.

Coconut: This scent is as refreshing as a ripe coconut on a desert island.

Coconut Butter: This luscious creation has buttery top notes that lead to the signature of sugar and creamed vanilla bean. Hints of spice add warmth and rich toasted coconut finishes the blend. 

Coconut Cream Pie: A buttery sweet blend reminiscent of a coconut custard pie.


Coconut Lime Breeze: BBY TYPE Fresh lime and crisp citrus leads to a tropical floral accord which texturizes the heart of this fragrance. A base of grated coconut and sweet vanilla blends with sugared musk to complete the exotic sensation. 

Cotton Candy: A sweet delight - the fresh, sugary scent of cotton candy just made at the fair. 

Country Lemonade: Pucker up to sparkling splashes of this citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon, tangy citron zest, and sweet clementine!


Cozy Flannel: Leave all your cares behind and cozy up in your favorite flannel with this uniquely soothing and stunning blend! This calming journey of scent begins with sparkling top notes of fragrant bergamot, a blissful citrus aroma prized for its delightfully spicy-floral character, and comforting hints of underlying sweetness.

Crisp Air & Winterberry: Iced cranberry, red apple, winterberry, winter crisp air, dry jasmine petals, crimson plum evergreen needles, vanilla, and musk.


Cucumber Melon: The invigorating and refreshing aroma of cucumber combined with the sweet, full-bodied scent of fresh melon.

Dark Kisses: (BBW TYPE) Berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense and night musk for this daring and seductive fragrance. It is a modern tale of forbidden love that will unleash your most primal passions.

Downy April Fresh: Exceptionally soft, fresh, and static-free. This fragrance will make you think you just washed your sheets every day of the week!


Dragonfruit: Fresh orange sweetens this exotic fruit accord of mysterious dragon fruit and shimmering green foliage. A hint of plumeria and a trace of white driftwood add texture as the fragrance fades to a base of clear musky tones.

Dragons Blood: A soothing oriental blend of orange, rose, and carnation on a warm exotic dry down of patchouli and creamy vanilla. 

Drakkar: A classic and seductive masculine fragrance.

Eucalyptus: Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime. This fragrance has a high essential oil content which allows the smell to be very strong.

Flying Fox: (LUSH TYPE) Floral palmarosa twists into sultry jasmine in an uplifting, tangled embrace. This sensual fragrance will leave you feeling good all day (or night) long. You'll love this if you like: - The tempting allure of heady ylang ylang oil.

Forever Red: (BBW type) A passionate blend of pomegranate & red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum.

Fruit Loops: Sweet orange, tangy cherry, and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood create this nostalgic cereal scent. Inspired by the Fruit Loops cereal.

Fruit Slices: A fresh fruit salad with citrus and ripe berries. 

Fruity Pebbles: Fruity rice cereal bits coated in sugar make up this wonderfully addictive fragrance. 

Gain: A fresh and clean blend with hints of cotton blossom.

Granny's Pumpkin Pie: A blend of pumpkin, clove, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon fresh from the oven!

Grapefruit Punch: Tart summer grapefruit with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Grape Candy: This fragrance is all things purple and fun! The smell reminds me of grape candy and childhood.

Grape Champagne: A sweet refreshing blend of Cabernet and grape.

Gummy Bears: Just open up a bag and take a deep breath! Will take you back to your childhood.

Hello Beautiful: (BBW) This shimmering white floral bouquet is a showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk and golden amber.

Honeydew: A green yet sweet fruit with hints of peaches, apples and strawberries on alight musky background.

Hot Apple Pie:  A mixture of juicy apples and a hint of spice.

Hot Buttered Popcorn: A rich, fragrant scent of a batch of hot buttered popcorn.

Ice Cream Parlor: Decadent buttery tones and rich sweet cream are blended with the ultimate sweetness of vanilla to create longing with this retro fragrance.

Jamaica Me Crazy: A tropical paradise in a bottle!  Jamaica me crazy begins with top notes of mandarin, Mexican lime, tangerine, and kumquat;  middle and base notes of watermelon, tart green apples, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.

Japanese Cherry Blossom: A well-rounded blend of pink Japanese cherry blossoms and fragrant mimosa flower petals, with warm base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, and oriental woods.

Jelly Beans: This fragrance is a burst of luscious fruity tones teasing the senses with this gourmand confection. Wild cherry balances with ripe peach and tangy strawberry for the candy sensation at the fragrance heart. Hints of cinnamon boost the cherry, as a smooth combination of vanilla and musk creates sugary undertones.

Just Peachy: Orange buttercream adds irresistible sweetness to this blend of ripe peach and warm cinnamon. The spiced fruit creation is finished with maple sugar and vanilla for the perfectly nostalgic combination.

Kettle Corn: The sweet and delicious scent of kettle corn. 

Lavender: Is the perfect, delicate scent of fresh lavender blowing in the summer wind. 

Lemon Meringue: All the flavor of a fresh baked lemon tart.

Lemon Crazy: Lemons Lemons Lemons.... Need we say more?

Lemongrass: A wonderful aroma of fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes.

Leather: From new cars to new shoes we all love the smell of fresh leather!

Lilac: The aroma of a freshly blooming lilac bush.

Love Spell: Sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot & orange enhanced by hints of peach & berries on an undertone of musk. 

Luna: A fun blend of raspberries and sweet pea with a hint of jasmine.

Mango Papaya: This mouth-watering melange is inundated with bursts of tropical delight. Succulent papaya with juicy chunks of mango completes this island aroma.

Maple Bread Pudding: A delicious blend of maple bread baking in the oven!

Margarita: A fresh lime fragrance with hints of lemon rinds and fresh greenery.

Midnight For Men: (BBW TYPE) Bergamot spice & blue sage meet the warm masculinity of leather woods to create the ultimate collision of seduction and sophistication.

Monkey Bread: Luscious buttery notes and a rich brown sugar accord combine to create an irresistible caramel accent for this bakery treat. Cinnamon warms the aromatic heart of baked cake, as lingering base notes of creamed vanilla complete the gourmand sensation.

Monkey Farts: A juicy fruit medley of peach, strawberry, pineapple, coconut and orange blended with creamy vanilla and an exotic musk.


Mother's Love: Sparkling citrus and fresh green foliage surround this lush bouquet with shimmering brightness. A blend of lavender and geranium is highlighted with wood violet at the heart of the fragrance, as velvet mossy undertones balance with white musk for a finishing touch of softness.

Niagara Falls Mist: A crisp and clean complex blend with notes of floral, juniper, and berries. 

Old Spice: The manly scent of Old Spice.

Orange Blossom: Orange bouquet with a background of vanilla & raspberry.

Orange Dreamsicle: Sweet and dreamy, Orange Dreamsicle is a reminder of those childhood orange push-ups we all loved.

Patchouli: A woody aroma of patchouli leaves with a sophisticated musk background.

Peach Bellini: Orange slices glisten with sparkling rays of translucent white peach nectar and bubbly champagne.

Pearberry: This fragrance is a fruity fresh fragrance blend of ripened pear, raspberries, strawberries, and gooseberries, with slight musk undertones.

Peppermint: This sparkling clean and refreshing fragrance is a classic blend of peppermint with light nuances of warm vanilla.

Pineapple: A true-to-scent pineapple fragrance oil with a slightly sweeter end note than the real fruit. 

Pink Sands: Treat yourself to an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla in this scented candle. The perfect scent for escaping the winter blues or setting just the right mood any time of the year. The beautifully blended scents of the islands will captivate you and bring memories of favorite vacations rushing back.

Pink Sangria: A thirst quenching fragrance complete with spanish sangria, valencia orange, and tropical pineapple
slices garnished with a sweet Maraschino cherry on top.

Pink Sugar: A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk.

Pizza: A zesty herbal pizza sauce blend.

Pomegranate: The wonderful aroma of freshly sliced pomegranate.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: A scrumptious blend of pumpkin waffles and butter with sweet, pure maple syrup and a touches of brown sugar. 

Pure Paradise: BBW TYPE An island fantasy inspired by white sand beaches, endless blue skies and clear turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. This alluring fragrance is a sparkling blend of fresh star fruit, frangipani and water lily drenched in sun-kissed coconut and white musk.

Pure Seduction: (VS TYPE) Pure Seduction is a fragrance from the Victoria's Secret Secret Garden collection. A combination of melon, plum and freesia makes you feel utterly irresistible and seductive.

Race Fuel: Notes of burnt rubber, motor oil, and high performance gasoline.

Raspberry Lemonade: Sweet raspberry blended with the crispness of lemonade makes for a wonder tangy mix.

Raspberry Sorbet: Fruity notes give this Raspberry Sorbet a mouthwatering sensation. The blend between Wild berry and fruit pulp give it that oomph, while creamed vanilla and raspberry bring it all together for the perfect balance.

Root Beer: A very true-to-name fragrance oil. The refreshing aroma of a root beer soda.

Salted Caramels: Sweet surrender is yours with our luscious gourmet confection of burnt sugar, sea salt, and smooth vanilla caramel. Like the sweet treat itself, this is a pleasure best savored slowly. Lighting the candle signals you are going to take the time to enjoy its deliciousness.

Sex Bomb: Orange accents this shimmering floral bouquet as it unfolds with tones of lily, violet, lavender and orange flower. Velvety base notes of creamed musk add sensuality. LUSH TYPE...

Sex On The Beach: A fruity combination of fresh ripened peaches, fresh squeezed oranges, and spiced cranberry.

Shortbread: A sweet buttery blend of luscious vanilla extract, sugar and warm biscuit base.


Socal For Men: Fresh beads of morning dew surround this sensual blend of lavender, fern and aged woods. A finely textured musk accord creates masculine appeal as it blends with hints of precious amber and rich vanilla bean at the base of the scent.

Sour Patch Kids: A little sweet and a little sour.

Sparkling Clean: One of those fragrances that smells great but yet you just cant pinpoint what it is. This clean fragrance
has a light hint of apple and jasmine and is just absolutely intriguing from the first breath.

​Sparkling Mint Blossom: (BBW Type) A Delectable Perfume described as clean and fresh peppermint, green apple fruitiness, lily of the valley and bois de rose florals, woody musk and amber, and sweet cotton candy.

Squirrley Nut: A nutty blend of walnuts & pecans enhanced with butter & french vanilla. A great fall fragrance.

Starbucks Coffee: Signature coffee from the famous coffee house chain. Strong and bitter.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie: This beverage delight opens with hints of citrus which lead to the signature of fresh strawberry and ripe banana. Tones of creamy vanilla add gourmand accents while accents of fresh green enhance the natural fruit sensation.

Strawberry Daiquiri: A refreshing blend of fresh strawberries, and lemon zests with a hint of fresh vanilla.

Strawberry Kiwi: Fresh green fruits blend of lime, kiwi, and sweet strawberry with great strength.

Strawberry Patch: Sweet, sun-kissed ripe, juicy strawberries.

Sugar Cookie Crunch: Freshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla. An enticing and scrumptious scent. 

Sunday Brunch: Melted Butter, Crisp Bacon, Cinnamon Spice, Ground Nutmeg, Clove Leaves, Maple Syrup, Pie Crust, Vanilla Sugar.

Sunny Beaches: Hit the water with this sunscreen inspired fragrances. Sure to remind you of days laying on the beach.

Sweater Weather: (BBW TYPE) A burst of fresh air tingles with mint as it opens this festive blend, Snow covered pine needles are sweetened with winter berries and laced with wood notes that lead to the velvet mossy undertone. Lingering sweetness of vanilla musk finishes the scent.

Sweet Melon: Sweet and light, cantaloupe tantalizes your senses and reminds you of why being young was so wonderful. This scent is a succulent, ripe cantaloupe picked at the peak of fresh perfection - juicy and fruity with no perfume overtones.

Sweet Pea: A light and refreshing floral with hints of jasmine, violet and lily of the valley on a background of velvet musk

Tide Original Type: The iconic freshness of this scent is created with layers of orange and green foliage with a hint of fruitiness traced into the top note. A bold floral accord at the heart of the fragrance balances lily, jasmine and rose with warm wood tones and pine bud. The classic fresh base note layers musk and orange blossom for lingering warmth.

Toasted Marshmallow: The yummy sweet smell of marshmallows roasting over a campfire.


Toasted Smores: The delicious scent of smores toasting by a campfire.

Twilight: This warm musky blend opens with citrus highlights that accent a heart of fresh white flowers. Lily and muguet bloom in a soft bouquet as a highly textured wood complex soothes the senses. Exotic musk is sweetened with golden amber and black vanilla at the base of the scent.

​Vampires Blood: (BBW TYPE) Just like a vampire, it is mysterious and darkly seductive and attractive. Fruity strawberry followed by citrus and jasmine, with sweet raspberry and plum.

Vanilla Bean Noel: A rich, sweet vanilla sugar cookie with a slightly roasted marshmallow background and a hint of caramel.

Vanilla Cream: Is buttery, milky, creamy and gently sweet with lots of vanilla bean and vanilla extract.

Vanilla Lime Twist: Smooth, creamy vanilla fused with refreshing zesty lime twist. 

Vanilla Pumpkin Pie: Vanilla bouquet with buttery nut nuances.

Volcano: Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.

Watermelon: A fruit blend of melons, peach and strawberry with a hint of vanilla.

Watermelon Punch: Fresh orange adds fruity pop to this classic summer fruit scent. Sugared watermelon gets natural sensations from a blend of green tones for the fragrance signature. A hint of berry finishes the blend.

Winter Wonderland: A unique blend of fir balsam, Asian spices, rich musk and a hint of mint and bay leaf oil.

Wintergreen: Cool, crisp notes that will export you to the forests of the frozen Alps. 

Wonderberry: A fruity fusion of strawberry, raspberry and wild red currant with hints of juicy pineapple, plum blossoms and pink jasmine.

Zucchini Bread: A classic sweet bread and spices of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg which are blended with garden fresh zucchini to craft this yummy homemade treat.